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ear infection does prednisone interfere with thyroid function clomid 100 mg no period contraindications of vitamins and prednisone what to eat while taking prednisone new med instead of flagyl valtrex medication mexico propecia for hair growth Croydon Archives - Wallington Residents Information

Wallington Residents Information

What's happening around Wallington, Surrey

Wallington Residents Information - What's happening around  Wallington, Surrey

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Firearms seized in Croydon

Six firearms were yesterday removed from the streets of south London following three separate operations by the Metropolitan Police Service’s (MPS) Trident Gang Crime Command and the Specialist Firearms Command.

The rifle, sawn-off shotgun, and four handguns were recovered on Thursday, 11 October, at various addresses in Southwark, Croydon and Sutton as part of intelligence-led investigations by Trident, with the assistance of specialist teams and borough colleagues.

“Trident officers continually target the suppliers of lethal firearms”

The recovery was the result of Trident’s ongoing efforts to target gang members and organised criminals operating in the south London area.

Five males – aged 33; 18; 20 and two aged 17 – and a female aged 19 were arrested on suspicion of firearm offences in connection with the discovery.

All were taken into custody at various south London police stations. Four men and a woman remain in custody. On of the 17-year-olds has been bailed to return pending further inquiries.

The firearms have been sent for forensic testing.

Detective Chief Superintendent Dean Haydon, Head of Trident, said: “Trident officers continually target the suppliers of lethal firearms, protecting the public by removing guns from the hands of organised criminals and gangs. The Met has seized over 280 firearms and a large amount of ammunition from the streets of London this year alone. The number of shootings taking place in London has also significantly reduced, with 28% fewer incidents than last year.”

Fallen tree at Waddon causes rail delays

Commuters experienced delays after a tree fell on the line at Waddon station Friday morning.

The Sutton to West Croydon route, on the Southern network, was affected from 6.25am, forcing people to wait up to 20 minutes for their trains.

Although the tree was removed from the track by 7.20am, the morning timetable was affected by the delay.

Tweeter Emily Brown posted to @SouthernRailUK: “08.28 to from Mitcham Eastfields to Sutton. I pay for this service everyday and its extremely unreliable!!”

Meanwhile Katie Prescott, business producer on BBC Radio 4’s today programme, also tweeted about the delays on Southern services.

She said: “@SouthernRailUK would be helpful if you let passengers know what’s going on and if there’s a chance of another train. ‘Delayed’ is unhelpful.”

Southern customers whose journey was delayed by 30 minutes or more can claim a 100 per cent ticket refund by visiting

Source : The Surrey Comet

Cyclists to set off from Croydon for 200 mile charity ride

A group of cyclists are to set off for a 200 mile charity ride to Arnhem in the Netherlands.

The 25 cyclists include nine officers and staff from the Metropolitan Police in Croydon and Sutton.

Those in the sadle include Croydon Deputy Borough Commander Superintendent Rob Atkin and Sutton Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Guy Ferguson.

The pair will be joined by employees from Croydon Council on the ride, which marks the 68th anniversary of Operation Market Garden: ‘A bridge too far.’

This year marks the fifth consecutive year Croydon police have organised the trip with their counterparts in Holland.

The cyclists hope to raise £6,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The group will set off from Croydon Clock Tower at 10am on Wednesday and will ride to Harwich, Essex, where they will catch an overnight ferry to the Hook of Holland.

Arriving on Thursday morning, the team will continue on-bike and arrive in Arnhem that evening.

On Friday, the team will meet representatives from the Dutch Police, as well as Arnhem and Croydon’s Mayor.
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Wallington’s David Weir Makes it a Triple Gold Crown in the 800m

David Weir is simply unstoppable. A performance of iron-clad confidence and control brought him an extraordinary third gold medal of the Games on Thursday night, cementing his position as the world’s leading wheelchair athlete and leaving his rivals shattered.

Weir shadowed the leader, China’s Zhang Lixin, from the gun, tucking in second out of lane seven, and never lost that prime position until he ripped off the final bend to win the T54 800m in 1min 37.63sec as the stadium erupted in joy and the DJ spun Werewolf in London, his signature tune.

“I had to dig deep tonight, it did hurt,” said Weir, whose suit came undone on the first lap. “They’re all special. I’ve defended my title in both the distances I’ve won and now I’ve got a gold in the 5,000; I only got bronze in Beijing. I feel like I’m on top of the world at the moment.

“I dreamt about it and wished I’d come away with three gold medals, with maybe another one on the way, but you just dream of things like that.”

Switzerland’s Marcel Hug, the world record holder and Weir’s great rival, kicked late for silver while bronze went to Thailand’s Saichon Konjen.

Weir’s opponents are hardened, elite racers, toughened by a professional circuit of marathons and track events. These victories are every bit as difficult as those of Mo Farah, his only serious rival for athlete of the summer, last month.

Croydon chosen to pilot job scheme aimed at cutting ‘something for nothing culture’

JOBLESS young adults will soon be forced to do three months’ full-time work or have their benefits cut under a scheme being piloted in Croydon to tackle its “something for nothing culture”.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson and employment minister Chris Grayling have announced the plan, at a time when more than one in four of those unemployed in Croydon is a young adult.

The Conservative pair this week detailed how 18 to 24-year-olds who have spent less than six months in employment since leaving education will have to work for their £56-a-week Jobseekers’ Allowance.

They will do work experience placements in care homes, charities or social organisations for 30 hours a week over 13 weeks. They will also have to prove they have spent 10 hours a week looking for a job in return for the benefit.

Croydon’s Labour politicians have hit out after the announcement, branding the plan “insulting” for young people.

But Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell called the move “positive”, saying it is vital for tackling the borough’s “something for nothing” culture.

Mr Barwell said: “If you’re out of work the worst thing to do in terms of future employment is sitting at home doing nothing. People who do voluntary work look much more impressive to employers.”””

Mr Barwell said the scheme, which will be tested this year in 16 London boroughs, is just one element of a new approach to getting young people back into work.
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Map of Croydon shows link between obesity, poverty and fast food

CROYDON’S most obese wards are also the areas with the largest number of fast food outlets.

Our map today clearly displays the link between the quantity of fast food on offer and people’s health: where more takeaways exist, obesity and related illnesses soar.

It reveals a clear divide between north and south, with very high levels of obesity in Ashburton, Woodside, Selhurst, Thornton Heath, Broad Green, Upper Norwood, Bensham Manor and New Addington – not only the areas with the highest concentration of fast food shops, but also where poverty is most rife.

In contrast areas such as Selsdon and Ballards, Purley, Sanderstead and Kenley, with fewer takeaways and less deprivation, record far less obesity.

The data reinforces calls for Croydon Council to limit numbers of fast food shops in a bid to tackle the borough’s obesity epidemic.

By 2050, nine in ten adults and six in ten children in the borough will be overweight or obese if current trends continue.
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Only 3 out of 23 Olympic torch bearers are from the Borough

AN AUSTRALIAN TV executive, a hedge fund expert and a banker are among 20 non-Sutton residents chosen to carry the Olympic Torch through the borough.

In what is being lamented as a “missed opportunity”, just three of the 23 people chosen to take part in the Torch relay through Sutton on July 23 are from the area.

The Olympic torch will be carried through Sutton on July 23, but only three of the 23 chosen to take part are from the borough.

The remainder of the crew of Torchbearers, who list places as far flung as Mumbai, Innsbruck in Austria, and German outpost Mengkofen among their home addresses.

And one of the chosen few, Jeff Browne, the managing director of Channel Nine TV in Australia, lists exotic Bondi Beach as his home.

Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, said he is disappointed that volunteers and charity workers in Sutton have been largely overlooked in favour of more commercial candidates.

He said: “Boroughs like Croydon and Sutton aren’t directly involved in the Olympics so this would have been an amazing opportunity to get them involved.

“It’s very disappointing.”

Mr Brake added: “This is a first-rate opportunity for people that have contributed to our borough and yet they have not been chosen. It is an opportunity missed.

“I am shocked at the news and disappointed that more local people were not chosen.”

Steve O’Connell, the London Assembly Member for Croydon and Sutton, shares Mr Brake’s opinion.

He said: “This is something that has irritated me because I have long said that I wanted to see Sutton get a bigger share of the action.

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Sir Patrick Stewart will carry the flame in Croydon

Sir Patrick Stewart will be carrying the Olympic Flame when it arrives at St Andrew’s School on Monday.

The actor is best known for his portrayal of Captain Jean-luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Sir Patrick, 72, is expected to arrive at the Warrington Road school with the torch, at about 12.50pm.

There will then be a break in the torch relay over lunch, before the flame leaves to continue its journey at about 2pm.

Sir Patrick has been praised for bridging the gap between Shakespearean theatre and contemporary film and television.
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Carshalton author looks at the history of a local river from Croydon and Carshalton to Wandsworth

The history of the River Wandle has been uncovered through a new book.

Carshalton author Bob Steel, assisted by wildlife expert Derek Coleman, will release the River Wandle Companion on June 25.

The 250-page full-colour book looks at many aspects of the life of the river from the river’s illustrious industrial past to the big houses which once dotted the river’s banks, and the increasingly diverse wildlife of the Wandle valley.

There’s also a chapter on the regeneration of the river in the past fifty years, from a low point in the 1960s when the river was officially an open sewer.

The book carries a detailed guide to the Wandle Trail, the path which follows the river from Croydon and Carshalton to its confluence with the Thames in Wandsworth.

Illustrated with nearly 200 photographs and some forty maps, the book is, according to Theo Pike, Chairman of trustees of the Wandle Trust, “essential reading for anyone who has ever wandered along the Wandle’s banks, remembered this famous little river’s hard-working history, or wondered about its future”.

The book is being launched with a signing in the Hope pub, in West Street, Carshalton on Monday June 25.

The paperback version of the book will be on sale at a reduced price of £12 rather than the recommended retail price of £15 on the night.

Sutton Olympic torch celebrations announced

Details of celebrations to mark the arrival of the Olympic torch in Sutton have been unveiled.

The iconic torch will arrive on Monday, July 23, during the last few days of its journey to the Olympic Stadium, ahead of the start of the Games on July 27.

To celebrate the special occasion, a day of festivities is planned, focussing on Carshalton and Sutton town centre.

The torch will enter the borough, from Croydon, at around 1.50pm, before travelling through Wallington.
It will reach Carshalton at around 2pm, and local bands will play on a stage in Carshalton Ponds from 1 to 7pm.

The Memorial Gardens will play host to stalls and entertainment from 1 to 3pm and the newly reopened Honeywood Museum will open from 1 to 5pm, with Olympic-themed crafts on offer, including the chance to make your own torch, laurel wreath and medal.
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Have you got an AK47 under your floorboards?

A man carrying out DIY repairs to his floorboards in Croydon has discovered an assault rifle believed to be an AK47.

Police were called to a home on Warwick Road, Thornton Heath, at 6.05pm, by a man who found the weapon while carrying out renovations under his floorboards.

The gun was taken by a firearms officer and is undergoing forensic analysis to establish if it is genuine and has been used in a crime.
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Croydon Council embarrassment over romantic poet

Croydon Council has been forced to remove references to Lord Byron from its official literature after falsely claiming he was ‘nurtured’ by the town.

As it turns out, experts say the great poet probably never even visited the South London borough – which is more associated with Kate Moss.

Lord Byron was hailed as one of ‘50 notables’ connected with Croydon in its failed bid to win city status earlier this year. ‘Croydon: The Facts’ stated that Lord Byron – born George Byron in 1788 – was one of ‘many talents nurtured by Croydon’, which it said was a ‘centre for innovation’.

It’s official: Lord Byron, the iconic Romantic poet famed for his debauched lifestyle, is not from Croydon

But this week the council admitted it had made a bungle after it was pointed out the poet was born in Marylebone in central London. The council said it had ‘confused’ the poet – famous for his romantic works – with some of his distant relatives called Byron who lived in nearby Coulsdon.
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Allders in Croydon goes into administration

Allders in AdministrationSome 850 jobs are under threat after one of the biggest department stores left in London went into administration.

Allders has been open in Croydon since 1862 and became the flagship store of a chain across England.

Croydon Council said the firm had been unable to raise enough working capital.

The council said it was disappointed that despite its best endeavours, it was unable to stop the company from going into administration.

‘Heavy blow’
The department store employs 300 staff directly, while 550 people work for concessions.
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Croydon shop owners goes undercover tonight

A home computer store owner goes undercover in Croydon on tonight’s episode of The Secret Millionaire.

Bobby Dudani, creator of the worldwide chain Pc Exchange (CeX), provides the Channel 4 series, which sees millionaires go incognito to present tens of thousands of pounds, to the borough.

Several of the 43-year-old’s shops were terribly hit after being targeted throughout last year’s riots.

Posing as a shopkeeper making a documentary after losing his only shop in the civil unrest, Mr Dudani moves on to the New Addington estate.

As part of his search for individuals to help, Mr Dudani goes to the Croydon Auto and Bikes project, the Pandemic Steel Orchestra – a sound charity on the brink of closure, and the New Addington Boxing Club.

The episode additionally sees him have a run-in with a local serial offender.

The argument results in an unexpected friendship between the pair, but does Mr Dudani aid him?

The Secret Millionaire is on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm.

Tom Brake to table a motion in support of St Helier

Local MP Tom Brake is to table a motion in Parliament calling for local healthcare reviews to be as comprehensive as possible to avoid a repeat of the flawed review that recommended the closure of A&E and maternity services at St Helier Hospital.

Tom Brake said, ‘The decision to close A&E and maternity services at St Helier is based upon a flawed process. As a community we are fighting to save our local health services but I also want to make sure flawed reviews do not lead to similar situations elsewhere.’

The Early Day Motion will also allow other Members of Parliament to show their support for the Save Our St Helier Campaign, which has already attracted thousands of petition signatures.

Tom Brake will be tabling the Early Day Motion when Parliament returns and will be encouraging other MPs to support the motion. To sign the petition

Local brewery to be opened by Sutton residents

A couple are opening their own south London brewery.

Victoria Barlow, 39, and Duncan Woodhead, 36, have launched the Clarence and Fredericks Brewing Co, after creating a range of beers in a nano brewery in the kitchen of their Sutton home.

They are now moving to mass production, and will have the capacity to produce thousands of pints of real ale each month when their 12 barrel plant opens this summer.

Their brewery is named after their address, Clarence Road, and their two-year-old son Frederick.

If as expected, they find a premises in Croydon in the next few weeks, their range of beers could be available to buy in Sutton pubs Continue reading

Croydon Airport is to be commemorated

THE first Croydon Airport is being commemorated on Wednesday 16th May 2012 by the unveiling of a sign on Roundshaw estate in Wallington, close to the airport’s original site.

The ceremony will be performed by the Mayor of Sutton, Councillor Gerry Jerome, at 2.30pm at the site in Mollison Drive, opposite Spitfire Drive.

Designed by the Croydon Airport Society, the sign incorporates an original painting by Airport Society member and local artist, Barry Weekley.

Hackbridge’s One Planet Experience exhibition is celebrating UK Inspire Day

16th May 2012 is UK Inspire Day – a celebration of the London 2012 Inspire programme – a family of over 2700 projects across the UK that have been inspired by the Games to do something special in their local communities.

To celebrate UK Inspire Day, a local Inspire-mark project will be giving away a free book and London 2012 UK Inspire Day Certificate to everybody that visits next Wednesday.

The One Planet Experience is an interactive exhibition based at the BedZED visitor centre in Hackbridge, tells the London 2012 sustainability story to inspire greener lifestyles. It is one of the exceptional projects to have been awarded the coveted Inspire mark and become part of the London 2012 Inspire programme.

Visitors can find out what London 2012 is doing to be the greenest ever Games, and then try out the carbon calculator house to see how to reduce their energy bills, ride in the energy velodrome to see how many household appliances they can power, find out what happens to their recycling, and test their knowledge on the touchscreen energy and waste quizzes.

Opened last October by local paralympian David Weir, more than 1,000 visitors have passed through the door so far. Track cycling world champion and former Sutton resident Joanna Rowsell said “I have always been passionate about living in a greener way and I am very happy to support the One Planet Experience to inspire everyone to live more sustainably.”
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South Croydon now a Restaurant Quarter.

Croydon chefs are celebrating south Croydon being rebranded as the borough’s Restaurant Quarter.

Following hot on the heels of the successful South End Food Festival held last month, the rebranding is designed to ensure the Croydon Recovery Project activities are of lasting benefit to the area.

The range of eating options, which include two Michelin-rated restaurants and cuisine from around the world, make the area a natural choice to be recognised as Croydon’s Restaurant Quarter.
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